OLD MASTER NO SECRETS Painting Philip Akkerman

Philip Akkerman seen from behind while painting

In OLD MASTER, NO SECRETS, Painting Philip Akkerman, Dutch artist Philip Akkerman shares the knowledge he has collected over forty years. The great secret of the old masters, as Akkerman shows in his studio, was that they divided the working process into a number of steps. This working process has been followed for years by the artist, who is equally practical and philosophical. It gives him the maximum control and freedom he needs to realize the essence of his painting in all the thousands of self-portraits he made: to paint all of humanity. And Art history. Because, as Akkerman quotes one of his great heroes, the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, the purpose of our existence is to make a self-portrait. OLD MASTER, NO SECRETS, started as a how-to YouTube video, to share his knowledge with the world, is a layered double self-portrait. A film about the artist working on his self-portraits, a masterclass, and in the end, thanks to the direction the artist partly takes over, is, again, a self-portrait. On film.

OLD MASTER NO SECRETS is a 97 minute slow movie by Dutch filmmaker Maarten de Kroon, inspired and presented by Philip Akkerman. More information about the premiere will follow.

Music by @jameszoooo (‘Philip’)

All rights reserved by G.O.DOCS / Maarten de Kroon & Philip Akkerman

More information on https://philipakkerman.com and https://www.instagram.com/philip_akkerman